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    How to start making money online in 2018!

    When someone talks about making money online, many people tune them out instantly as they have been trained to associate digital marketing with scams. I am here to tell you, making money online is very possible. Not only is it possible, but you can make much more money with digital marketing in the long run than what you would make at a regular job. The amazing thing about making money online is that it is very easy to scale. If you are making $100 a day, it is not very hard to scale it to $200 a day. You just have to double what you are doing, and this can be done using advertising or different tools available on the web.

    So how are we going to make money online? To make money online, we are going to do something called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s product, and then you get a cut of the money made at the sale. In this quick tutorial, I am going to break down how you can start making money now!

    First, you are going to need a website. It’s extremely cheap to get started (Only around $4 for hosting!). I highly recommend Host Gator. Host Gator is extremely reliable and very well priced. Click here to check out Host Gator. Once you have bought your site, you are going to install WordPress using the cpanel. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. You only have to click a few buttons and then you are ready to go. Host Gator should tell you how to access your cpanel when you purchase your hosting.

    After you have your site up and WordPress installed, you are going to need to find a product to sell. It should not be too hard as many, many big companies have affiliate programs. I highly recommend Amazon’s affiliate program, it is extremely easy to start getting sales as most people trust Amazon.

    After you have a product, you need to create an article. You do this in a few different ways. You can create an informational article that happens to plug a product from amazon, or you can create an article to sell the product. Don’t say things that aren’t true or you will hurt your sites credibility. Remember, you are trying to create a business.

    After you have created your article, you need to get traffic to your site. You can do this in many different ways. One of the best methods is using Social Media. Social Media is great because anyone can create a page and start growing followers. Pinterest and Instagram are likely the best Social Media platforms to use but other ones like Twitter and Facebook are great as well.

    So how do you grow these pages? Engage, engage, engage. Go to other peoples posts and comment on them, like other peoples posts, follow other people, post on a regular basis. The great thing about growing these pages is that once you have a large page, you can monetize again and again. Having a large social page is almost equivalent to having a money tree in your backyard.

    Don’t forget about search engines! Make sure to submit your site to Google webmaster. When you submit your site to this index, it allows you to show up on google. There are a ton of different ways to optimize for search engines, but I could create hundreds of different articles on that single topic so I am not going to get into it in this article. As time goes on, you will start to rank for more and more keywords organically in google.

    Making money online takes a long time and a lot of work! Do not get into this if you want to make a quick buck. If you treat this like a real business and work hard, there is limitless potential. Anyone can become financially free from pursuing an online business, but it is not for the lazy.

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    Ripple price, critical information about the crypto currency!

    ripple price

    In grammar, ripple and ripple price refers to an effect or feeling that is passed from one person to another. More like an infectious feeling. This definitions is quite relevant in describing Ripple, the cryptocurrency solution.

    Ripple coin (XRP) is a decentralized cryptocurrency solution that is tailored towards offering all rounded financial solutions with a bias towards banking solutions. XRP is one of the top four cryptocurrency solutions in a pool that also includes Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). The ripple price model is one of the most stable making it one the choicest cryptocurrency solutions for both hedgers and heavy users.

    The company behind Ripple

    Ripple was formulated and ported in 2012 by OpenCoin company under the direction of Chris McLarsen (CEO) and Jed McCaleb (CTO). Before going live the ripple was passed on to OpenSource’s subsidiary under the name Ripple for ease of management. As from 2013, OpenCoin dropped that name in favor of the name Ripple Labs LLC

    Ripple Price Protocol

    XRP runs on a modular structure known as the Ripple Protocol (RXTP). This protocol is what the blockchain network is to Bitcoins. The protocol is built with the same cryptocurrency idea of decentralization at its core.

    The chief difference from Bitcoins’ blockchain model is that RXTP is built with speed, security, and scalability in mind. With these features in tow, it has been able to attract so many partnerships. Some of these partnerships include major leading banks such as Standard Chartered, Unicredit Group, UBS among others. Ripple protocol lends its features to XRP making it the banker’s choice for cryptocurrencies. As such even banks have shown interest in using XRP. This sign of confidence has helped boost ripple price.

    All transactions passing through the protocol are recorded on a ledger. More like the blockchain ledger in Bitcoins. The ledger is distributed across various institutional and individually owned servers. These set of servers form what is known as a consensus network. The servers act as validators of transactions by inspecting the legitimacy of each transaction.

    XRP’s basic structure

    For ripple price, XRP can be denominated in a number of fiat (physical) currencies such as the dollar. It can also be denominated against other cryptocurrencies such as the BTC. XRP’s smallest unit is known as a drop which is 0.000001 of a single ripple coin. This means that it takes 1 million drops to make a single unit of XRP.

    Ripple token is fully reliant on the secured RXTP protocol. In the interest of security and enhancing transaction speed, XRP is not mined like ETH, BTC or LTC. Instead, it relies on market makers to arbitrage on the supply, demand and the ripple price.

    What is market making?

    Although it might seem like a hard term, market making is an easy concept to grasp. XRP is largely a currency exchange coin. A pool of traders who work on creating their own ripple price model is required to actualize these transactions. These are the market makers. In return, they earn from the spread. Due to the fact that they are in competition with each other, they help keep the exchange prices low while providing an accessible pool for fast transactions. The spread resulting from these market-making activities is a large component of the ripple price. Ripple’s open protocol allows anyone with the ability to do so, to participate in market making.

    XRP’s unique distribution technique

    Problems with scalability is a subject that both Bitcoins and Ethereum are duly accused of. To stymie this disadvantage, XRP has been distributed coins on an ingenious automatic piecemeal basis. The initial coins created for distribution were 100 billion coins. Of the initial coins created 20% were retained by the creators.By June 2017, the creators had issued half of their holding to charitable and educational initiatives with the aim of enriching XRP’s injection within the society.

    As of September 2017, a total of 38 billion were openly being traded. Ripple Labs still holds 55 billion coins which are held in a secure crypto-locked escrow account. Each month 1 billion tokens are released for trade purposes. At the end of the month, the untraded coins are returned back to the escrow upon which a new cache of 1 billion XRPs are released for trade. This enhances trade while supporting the growth of the ledger trades in the foreseeable future.

    Difference from other major cryptocurrencies

    According to Ripple labs, XRP is meant to be a complementary currency to other cryptocurrencies rather than a rival. At the heart of the cryptocurrency discussions, Ripple is a challenger to other cryptocurrencies. The following are reasons for users to choose Ripple over other cryptocurrencies

    • Versatility: In comparison to Bitcoins and Ethereum it offers more versatility due to its open network.

    • Cost factor: Its low price means that almost anyone can participate in its use making it �the general populace’ cryptocurrency.

    • Stability and security: XRP is far more secure and stable than both ETH and BTC. In all its existence it has not faced any
    successful breaches or downtime.

    • Transaction speeds: It is by far the fastest of all the leading cryptocurrencies with confirmation time of as little as 8 seconds. This means that it is able to conduct multiple transactions per minute.

    • Price stability: The average ripple price has remained marginally consistent over a long period. This lack of volatile movement in ripple price makes it a good choice for use in day to day transaction as well as an exchange module.

    How are XRPs bought?

    XRPs is available for purchase from leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Changelly. These cryptocurrency exchanges have ripple price bases in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.


    Ripple continues to offer new solutions on various fronts. It is these base solutions that predominate its usage.

    • Purchase and sale of goods: Though not its main purpose, ripple tokens have found use in enabling trade of goods and services. You can exchange ripple coins for other currencies and use those currencies for purchases. XRPs are also used in the purchase of precious metal values (and actual precious metals) like gold silver and diamond.

    • Forex exchange module: Underlying the use of XRP is the fast transaction rate which makes it a good option for forex exchanges. Supporting this use is the wide pool of market makers.

    • Cross-border payments: Given its first transaction capabilities and secure protocol it is becoming the best alternative for cross-border payments. Working hand in hand with other providers such as Western Union money transfer service it will most likely be the ultimate crypto money remittance service.

    • Bridge currency: XRP offers a gateway for accessing, not only other fiat currencies but also other cryptocurrencies. That is why ripple price is denominated in multiple currencies and precious metals.

    In a nutshell, a stable ripple price backed by a secure network, scalability, and versatility make XRP the cryptocurrency to look forward to. Just like water ripples, the RXTP and XRP use continue spreading supported by the legitimacy of their use.

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    What is the Blockchain?

    What is the blockchain?

    If you are interested in getting into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it is very important that you understand the underlying mechanism which makes the smooth functioning of these currencies possible – blockchain technology. This term is often thrown around, but it seems as though not everyone knows what it is. The goal of this text is to briefly explain how it works, why it was implemented, and how it impacts the overall functioning of Bitcoin as a payment method.

    What exactly is a Blockchain?

    Briefly put, a Blockchain is a digital, decentralised public list of all transactions made on the network. The most recent transactions get added to the list periodically as a new ‘block’ in the blockchain. These blocks are constructed and added to the chain in chronological order, allowing every user to have insight into all the transactions that are made on the network, without relying on a central authority to determine the veracity of individual transactions. Every user, or ‘node’ as they are called in technical terms, gets a copy of the entire blockchain. This is downloaded to their computer automatically.

    Though blockchain technology was developed to keep track of transactions for Bitcoin specifically, the same sort of Distributed Ledger Technology can be used to record any sort of document. That means that the record cannot be changed once it is made. It also implies that the entire community can verify all the contents of the chain, and that any major decision must be taken through consensus.

    What is a block, then?

    The term ‘block’ refers to the current part of the Blockchain, one that is being recorded at the moment. Most or all of the transactions taking place at present are being recorded in the current blockchain. Once it is up to capacity, it is considered ‘completed’ and gets permanently added into the Blockchain. Once it is in the Blockchain, there is no way to alter the record, or delete the transactions within, which is precisely the point of the entire DL technology.

    There is an almost limitless number of these blocks in the chain, which are all connected to each other in a strictly linear, chronological order, with each block containing a hash of the previous block. Inside the Blockchain, records of all the addresses and balances of all the users that have made any transaction on the network are kept, from the very first block, to the most recent one. These blocks are added to the chain using cryptography, which means they cannot be tampered with. This information can thus be distributed, but not copied. Still, the fact that every transaction is recorded along with all the information pertaining to all the parties which made the transactions, the ever increasing size of the chain can cause synchronization problems, as well as problems with storage.

    Why is the Blockchain important to Bitcoin?

    The blockchain is arguably the chief technological innovation introduced by Bitcoin, and it is one of the main reasons for its success. Seeing as though Bitcoin is a decentralised currency, its users constitute its sole authority. That means it falls to the users to validate transactions whenever someone makes a payment, which eliminates the need for a third party service to process and catalogue payments.

    Once completed, the transaction is recorded into the current block, and eventually makes its way into the blockchain, where it is subject to verification by every user of the network, and is distributed on a peer-to-peer basis. It is estimated that a new block is added to the Blockchain every 10 minutes due to Bitcoin mining.

    Each node on the network has a copy of the full database, as previously discussed. When a new user joins the network, they receive a copy of the Blockchain, and thus have access to the public records of all transactions which took place on the network form the very beginning.

    How does Blockchain Technology work?

    What is the blockchain?

    What are the advantages of Blockchain technology?

    When compared to the services provided by traditional financial institutions, the cost savings facilitated by the use of Blockchains are very significant indeed. These DLT systems allow businesses and financial institutions to significantly speed up their internal operations, drastically reducing the number of mistakes, the expense, and delays caused by simple human error during the process of reconciliation of records.

    There are several areas where the Blockchain technology can bring vast savings. Firstly, electronic accounts or ledgers are much lest costly to maintain than traditional methods of accounting. That means the number of employees in this field of work can be drastically reduced, resulting in big savings for the company.

    Another advantage of the Blockchain when cost savings are concerned is the fact that with Blockchains there is no need to re-do any result, as there can’t be any mistakes made through human error. This elimination of repetitive checks can help businesses retain quite a bit of money in the long run.

    Since the processing delay is reduced to a minimum with the Blockchain technology, there will be less need for capital to be held against the risks of pending transactions. That gives businesses a lot more leeway to conduct business exactly the way they see fit.

    The removal of any human involvement in transactions is especially beneficial in the case of cross-border trading, which usually take much longer to be completed. That is because there are always time-zone issues, and because all parties have to confirm that the payment has been processed. The Blockchain eliminates all of this.


    The decentralization that is ‘central’ to the way the Blockchain works offers lots of opportunities for the creation of previously impossible businesses and business models, in a secure and flexible way. The demand for middleman services relating to Blockchains is on the rise, and the technology is getting ever more serious and ever more accepted.

    It remains to be seen, however, whether this technology will percolate into the mainstream any time soon. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if it does happen, since the Blockchain technology can have an almost limitless number of different uses.

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    4 Ripple Wallet Solutions Worth Considering Before Buying Ripple

    Ripple XRP along with ripple wallet is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has managed to hold its own weight against other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Ripple is a decentralized and highly scalable cryptocurrency tailored towards offering payment solutions. Its high operability buoyed by seamless integration with financial service provider makes it a currency worth holding.

    Why should you purchase Ripple?

    In brief Ripple has the offers the following positive features;

    • Interoperability: Ripple can be used to purchase other cryptocurrenies, fiats and precious metals.

    • Speed of transactions: If you have ever used Bitcoins you might be aware of its slow confirmation rates. Ripple is the exact
    opposite. It is first with no downtime.

    • Decentralization: With a decentralized protocol, XRP is not controlled by any particular entity and its price is reliant on supply and demand.

    • Price: Of all top 5 cryptocurrencies, Ripple is one of the cheapest. It is also one of the most stable cryptocurrencies and its price has steadily shored up within the last few years.

    • Security: Ripple is by far the most secure of all the major cryptocurrency options in the market. Transactions on its ledger are highly secured against clash and crash.

    • Confidence: Ripple has managed to pull up the confidence of hundreds of banks across the world. This is in addition to other reputable institutions such as Microsoft and MIT.

    Points worth noting before purchasing ripple wallet

    • Just like other cryptocurrencies holding ripple coins requires one to have a wallet.

    • For security purposes, one is required to hold a base amount of 20 XRP in their ripple wallet

    Getting your ripple wallet

    Due to the fact that each ripple wallet requires holding a minimum of 20 XRP it is important to have as few wallets as possible. This means looking for the best wallets one can find in the market. There are many software ripple wallets. This article will touch on a few noteworthy ones. Unfortunately, there is only one hardware wallet for Ripple. It will also be featured below.

    Ledger Nano S

    Ledger nano s

    Ledger Nano S simply referred to as ledger wallet, is the only hardware ripple wallet. The ledger hardware is a USB storage device resembling a USB token device that is primarily used to store your private keys. It has a display that is used to confirm transactions on the device. Its current price is around $80 .Despite its price, it is the most reliable and best wallet to have as for the following reasons;

    Portable: Since it is small device, one can carry it anywhere they go.

    Security: Confirmation of transactions is done on using a key and the embedded screen. Use of the FIDO universal 2F system makes it more secure but also less stressful.

    Transaction Confirmation: Its OLED Display is very crucial in the confirmation of transactions even with main computer lags as sometimes occurs.

    Multicurrency support: Apart from holding Ripple you can also use it to hold other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin and other coins.

    Backups: What happens when you lose your private keys? You lose all your coins. That has always been the case with wallets. Ledger Wallet offers you the chance to backup your private keys and restore them should you lose your wallet.

    Click here to take a look at the Ledger Nano S.


    Gatehub was one of the early adopters of Ripple. Ripple Labs the company behind Ripple coins has recognized the role of Gatehub in its growth, hence making it the ‘official’ ripple wallet. Gatehub comes with the requirement to verify a new account by submitting your ID documents. It is criticized for being less secure in its native form. That said it also has its advantages including;

    • Easy to use interface: Gatehub’s interface is one of the most interactive interfaces. Any newbie with some background in cryptocurrency can start using it without needing a guide

    • Crypto analytics: Gatehub offers an intuitive analytics platform for diehard crptocurrency fanatics.

    • Payment module: Gatehub has formulated a payment module which is accepted by various online merchants across the world.


    Rippex is an ingenious ripple wallet that is available as a mobile, desktop or web app. It is also one of the least stringent ways to hold ripple coins. Using Rippex you can carry out withdrawals, deposits and bank transfer through all the apps. It has the following features to boast of;

    Multiple Currencies: Rippex not only holds crytocurrrencies but also supports fiat exchanges.

    Transaction on the go: Due to its mobile app it is possible to transact using Rippex while on the move.

    Fast transaction rates: It offers one of the fastest transaction rates of all the wallets that support Ripple.

    Security: it applies various verification processes to secure you transactions and coin holdings.


    This list of wallets would not be complete without mentioning CoinPayments. CoinPayments is an online payments platform with ripple wallet capabilities. It is one of the largest global cryptocurrency payment platforms. Apart from holding your coins on this channel you can also use your coins to transact using the platform.

    Multicurrency: Like all the other mentioned wallets, CoinPayments wallet holds various coins. The difference is that it is able to hold a larger cache of altcoins.

    Security: It is one of the most secure software wallets. It relies on multi signature technology to secure the wallet and transactions.

    Merchant usage: It boasts of one of the largest merchant acceptability rates. Holding an account on CoinPayments allows you transact in up to 300,000 online stores

    Banking integration: It is also being integrated into banking platforms across the world. This allows its users to convert their holdings into fiats and withdraw the fiats from banks quite easily.
    In a nutshell holding Ripple is easy as ABC. All it takes is having the right information, finding the moist secure wallet with the best prices. After that open an account and you can zoom your way into the beauty of Ripple.

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    Litecoin mining, a must-read beginner’s guide to excellence!

    Litecoin mining

    Welcome to our post: Litecoin mining, a must-read beginner’s guide to excellence. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that offers instant, near-zero cost payments to any person around the world. It works as a decentralized global payment network without any central authorities. This digital currency was launched in 2011 by Charlie lee, a former google engineer. Through substantial industry support, it’s now a medium of commerce complementary to Bitcoin. According to the creator, there will only be 84 million coins in circulation.

    Litecoin mining

    Mining is done using specialized computers that secure the network. All transactions that appear on the Litecoin network are assembled into large bundles called `blocks’. These blocks constitute a record of all transactions which is commonly referred as the blockchain.

    Litecoin wallet

    This is where you’ll keep your coins. The best option is to go to Litecoin homepage and check the download link for the wallet app. Although users can access majority of wallets from other sources, some of them take a lot of time to download an entire blockchain. There is also an option for wallet encryption which allows the users to secure their wallet so that they can view their account balance and transactions. This means, before you spend your Litecoins, you’ll have to enter your password. The encryption option ensures you conduct a sanity check when sending payments. It also provides protection from wallet-stealing viruses. The Litecoin wallet application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You’ll need to verify your email on the account settings section.

    How Litecoin mining works

    Before any Litecoin can be sent, all transactions must be included in a block. They are then verified through a `proof-of-work’. At the same time, the incoming transactions are compared with the previous ones on the blockchain. If no double-spends are identified, the miners can go ahead to create a new block. The transactions are then sent to the network where the miner uses the nodes to verify and transmit them. For each block that is mined, a block reward is paid. This makes it easy for miners to contribute to the network. What makes this digital currency unique is the fact that, old transactions cannot be erased. Most importantly, no fraud transactions can be created without the permission of the network. The security and strength of the cryptocurrency is what attracts many people to use it.

    Mining reward

    For every block, miners are rewarded with 25 new Litecoin. Halving takes place in every four years. This translates to every 840,000 blocks which is equivalent to four times the currency unit of bitcoin.

    How to profit from Litecoin mining

    Litecoin mining profitability depends on electricity costs, price of Litecoin and the hashing power of your hardware. Thankfully, it’s easy to determine the potential profitability of the hardware you are using. Unless you have mining hardware, you can mine the cryptocurrency your GPU or CPU. Between the two, GPU is the most efficient in terms of performance. However, the cost of mining using CPU and GPU can exceed the rewards. Today, many people use ASIC hardware which enables the user to mine faster. Before you purchase any ASIC hardware, you should consider the following;

    · Power consumption

    Choose a hardware that gives more reward than what you pay on your electricity bills.

    · Resale value

    ASIC hardware can only be used to mine coins which contributes to low resale value

    · Network

    You should analyze your network since difficulty may arise in future as more and more miners join the network. This may drive down your profitability in the long-run.

    · Delivery delays

    You don’t want a hardware that is delivered several months after purchase

    Solo or pool Litecoin mining

    You can either take mining as a solitary venture or join a mining pool where people take a share of their rewards. When you go solo, you’ll keep full reward of your efforts which reduces the odds of being successful. On the other hand, when you join a pool, the reward will be shared among the members but you’ll have a higher chance of solving a block. From an expert point of view, it’s usually more complicated to configure your software for solo mining than pool mining. Pool mining is divided into two categories;

    · Pay-per-share (PPS) system

    Users are rewarded based on the number of blocks the pool is expected to find and the amount of work done by users. The pool pays Litecoins for each valid shares submitted by the users. One of the main benefits of this system is that it uses mathematical laws of probability. With that in mind, users can enjoy minimal variance steady payouts. They don’t have to wait for blocks to be confirmed. The only downside of PPS system is that the pool operator has to bear the risk in case of bad luck. This makes it financially risky.

    · Proportional systems

    The pool waits until one user finds the block before distributing it to the rest of the users. This is done proportionally depending on the number of shares each user had distributed. In order to start mining, you have to register an account. Since choosing a mining pool is a matter of personal decision, it’s important that you consider the features, reputation, user support and reliability of the mining pool. If you are a beginner, you should go for pool mining to create a steady stream of income.

    Watching your miner

    Once you’ve set up your software of choice, statistics will start flowing down your command line. You’ll see all the information about the currency, mining pool and mining hardware. The good thing about using personal computers with dedicated graphic cards is that you can run different software at the same time.

    Litecoin mining hardware on Amazon

    a litecoin mining guide

    It’s possible to buy miners on Amazon. Some of the best Litecoin mining hardware for purchase includes the AntMiner L3+, DualMiner USB, Gridseed miner among others. Nowadays, miners use a specialized hardware called ASIC. All ASIC devices come with preinstalled mining software that requires little or no configuration.

    Profitability calculator

    If you are new to cryptocurrency you need a profitability calculator. It will show your expected profit margin based on pool fees and hashing power. Best of all, you can input your hardware and power costs per hour. The results are displayed on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The calculator will also show how long it will take to break-even.

    Final thoughts

    Since Litecoin does not have one central authority that controls money supply, the work is spread across a network of miners. It features improved storage efficiency, incredible encryption properties and faster transaction confirmation times of 2.5 minutes. In September 2017, it topped out a record high run of $92.07 per coin. Litecoin is now the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency.

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    Ledger Nano S Review

    Ledger Nano S

    Ledger Nano S Review

    Any Bitcoin user worth his salt needs a physical coin wallet. Physical coin wallets are used to store your private keys away from your computer, and out of the reach of would be hackers. They are a vital security feature, and they provide an excellent return on investment in terms of the safety of your coins.

    Today we will be reviewing the Ledger Nano S, a new physical wallet offering from Ledger, with the welcome addition of a screen on the device itself. For your convenience, this review will be divided into multiple sections such as price, security, and the all-important screen.


    Priced at €58, or around $70, this is the cheapest of the three wallets with screens that are on the market today. At this price, it is a very affordable piece of kit, as the added security benefits clearly outweigh the costs, and it has the features to more than justify its price tag, as we will see as we progress.


    Security is the most important feature of any coin wallet, and is basically the whole point of the device. So let us take a look at the security features offered by the Ledger Nano S. Firstly, the Nano S features two physical buttons, which heighten the security of the device. In order to confirm a transaction, you must physically press both buttons simultaneously.  That means that there is no way for a hacker to gain access to your device remotely and confirm transactions without physically being there.

    The device asks the user to create a PIN code at first startup. This is a 4 digit code which is only known to the owner of the wallet, and is used to confirm your identity in a way. Co transaction can be made without inputting the PIN code first. If the code is entered incorrectly three times, the device wipes its entire content automatically.

    The wallet’s main security feature, however, is the very fact that it stores your private keys offline, in a location physically controlled by you. That means that you are not vulnerable to attacks from hackers over the network, as there is nothing on your computer to hack.

    However, it must be pointed out that the Nano S currently lacks passphrase support. This is an important feature since it allows you to input your own text for a 24 word recovery phrase. This is an important safety feature because it works on two levels. Firstly, if anyone steals your wallet from you, and also happens to know your 24 word recovery phrase, that by itself is not enough to activate the device. They would also need the seed, ostensibly known only to the owner. That constitutes the second layer of protection. On the bright side, Ledger plans to add this feature to the device very soon.

    Another feature to note is the fact that the Nano S does not run on batteries. It is only ever fully turned on when it is plugged into your computer, as it gets its electricity from the connection. That means there can be no tampering with it while it is plugged out, and it’s fully offline.

    ledger nano s review

    The Screen

    A great importance is attached to the fact that the Nano S features a screen. Why is that so? Firstly, when you initially start up your device, it generates a recovery phrase. This is, in fact, a complete backup of your wallet. On most conventional coin wallets, such as the one you may have on your phone, the recover phrase is displayed on the screen. That is usually enough security. However, there is an added risk to this, since your phone is connected to the Internet, which means someone may gain access to your code and your coins. With the Nano S, the phrase is generated offline and displayed on the screen. It never interacts with the network, so there is no way for hackers to get at it.



    The Nano S is a really solid coin wallet, with very good safety features, at a more than reasonable price. The fact that it lacks  custom passphrase support shouldn’t turn you off it, since this feature is planned for the future. We couldn’t fit all the features and security protocols of the Nano S into this short review, so make sure you do your own research before committing to a purchase. Click here to check out the Ledger Nano S.

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    A look at Crypto Investing Pro

    Crypto Investing Pro

    Crypto Investing Pro Review


    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or two, you will have definitely heard about this phenomenon called “cryptocurrencies”. Indeed, they have been around for quite a while now, although they have only recently broken into the mainstream spotlight.


    Cryptocurrencies are, put simply, a form of digital currency that is not bound to any country or bank. All transactions are done peer-to-peer, with no transaction fees. Moreover, they are untrackable, meaning that nobody can determine your identity via your cryptocurrency wallet, or force you to pay taxes on that digital wealth of yours.


    One of the most popular ways to do this is by mining. However, this requires quite a hefty investment. You’d have to set up several powerful mining rigs if you hope to make any actual profit. On top of that, you’d have to account for electricity costs, and for the fact that you have to make back the money you had originally spent on the aforementioned mining rigs.


    But did you know that there is a cheaper and safer alternative? Indeed, it is the way that Jeremy Gardner became a millionaire in his twenties, and it is called investing. Essentially, it is quite simple. You buy some cryptocurrency when the price plummets, hoard it, and sell it once it is high again. However, a lot of things are easy and simple on paper, but are much more complicated in practice. Luckily for you, there is a guide out there that covers everything from step one…



    Just as the name suggests, this product is centered around cryptocurrency investing. It is an incredibly useful video course that will make the life of any hopeful investor much easier, no matter your experience.


    It was created by Alex Fortin, an entrepreneur and avid cryptocurrency investor for several years now. Having realized the importance of cryptocurrencies both as a cultural phenomenon and as an economic driving force, he set out to bring the world of virtual currencies closer to the general public with this course. Click here to check out Crypto Investing Pro!

    Bitcoin Investor Pro review


    The course is comprised of over 40 professionally-produced and comprehensive videos that offer in-depth explanations and detailed views on “all things cryptocurrency”.


    First and foremost, it provides an overview of the market and weighs the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrencies, rather than some other opportunities. More importantly, it provides a detailed analysis of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and identifies the ones which are most likely to be the most worthwhile investments. This is absolutely invaluable for anyone who wishes to make any serious money off of investing. Not only does it maximize your potential profits, but it also minimizes the risk of the losses that you might encounter.


    Furthermore, the video guide goes one step further to help the newcomers to the world of virtual money. Namely, it explains the very basics of cryptocurrency trading, how and where to trade, and also how to protect and store your digital investment.


    And lastly, there are three extras that go with Crypto Investing Pro:


    • An hour-long video exploring the 100 most popular cryptocurrencies
    • A list of almost all cryptocurrency resources you could possible need, such as where to buy mining equipment, where to gather relevant data and much more
    • Access to the private Facebook group moderated by the author himself



    In short, you should. Why? Simply because there is no faster way to get into cryptocurrency investing. It covers everything, from the basic to the most advanced aspects of the market. This makes the course appealing for “newbies” and veterans alike.


    After all, if you want to make a living off of investing, this comprehensive guide would be an ideal first investment! It is a risk-free one, too, as the author offers an unconditional refund within the first month of the purchase.



    They may be digital, but cryptocurrencies have real value. Paper money is slowly sinking into history, and most of our transactions today occur digitally. You can rest assured that the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others, are here to stay. Neither they nor this guide are some shady Internet-borne frauds designed to trick you out of your hard-earned cash.


    If you want to make your money work and earn for you, then go ahead grab your copy of Crypto Investing Pro as soon as possible. You won’t become a millionaire overnight, but a million-dollar fortune may just start as a single dollar!

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    Dust lets you invest your spare change into Bitcoin

    Instead of worrying about when to invest in Cryptocurrencies and having to manually purchase it, Dust allows you to invest your spare change into Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Dust is quite similar to other apps like Acorns, except it is for Cryptocurrencies.

    The app can see how much you spend by connecting to your bank account and then it invests by rounding up to the dollar and putting that money into Cryptocurrencies. The app uses Coinbase to buy Cryptocurrencies. You are able to choose between how much Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin you want to buy. The app buys your Cryptocurrencies once it hits the $10 mark.

    Although this idea isn’t anything new, it’s great to see Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies becoming more and more mainstream. This app allows pretty much anyone with a bank account and a phone to invest in their Cryptocurrency of choice. If someone has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a good time to buy into the market, this app is great for them as they basically buy in intervals instead of having to choose a good time to buy.

    Dust will work with around 9000 financial institutions in the US, like Wells Fargo, Chase, and Citi. The app uses data from a service called Plaid which allows developers to use data from banks to create new applications like Dust.

    Currently, Dust is only being tested by 1000 users, but there are 20,000 people on a waiting list wanting to use the app. Dust said it is increasing it’s user base next month.

    So how will the app make money? The founder currently says it’s a part time gig for him and he has no plans of making any profit from it at the moment. “We’d rather self-fund until we prove we have a product people like and use regularly”. The founder says they are considering charging fees.

    This app is an incredible creating as it should be great for the Cryptocurrency market. This app will help bring in more and more newbies and I expect a huge market wide bull run coming soon.

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    Buy Monero – an easy to follow guide

    buy monero

    How do I buy Monero?

    Monero is a Cryptocurrency focusing on privacy and security. Monero is one of the few, truly anonymous coins. At under $100 a coin, this Cryptocurrency is a great investment for the future. Although there are many other Cryptocurrencies out there, Monero is one of the best investments out there. Monero represents some of the best technology in the Crypto space. Despite Monero’s increasing prevalence in the market, it is still quite challenging to directly buy Monero. In this article, we are going to show you how to buy Monero.

    Buy monero

    Buy Monero directly

    Very few exchanges offer the option to directly buy Monero. Luckily, one of the few exchanges where you can buy Monero is quick and easy to use. Changelly allows you to buy Monero, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and many other Cryptocurrencies with USD, Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies. Changelly is one of the few exchanges where you are able to directly buy the majority of Cryptocurrencies on the market. The site is very easy to use and it shouldn’t need much explanation. Just enter the currencies you wish to exchange and the amounts and then click “Exchange!”. The site should thoroughly explain the rest. Simply follow the rest of the steps. Click here to open Changelly.

    You’re going to need a wallet

    There are a few options for setting up a Monero wallet. If you are looking to use a web based wallet, My Monero is a great, free option that is simple to use. Just sign up and it should be a breeze to get everything set up. If you would rather have a non web based wallet, Monero GUI is another free option where you can set up your own wallet. One you install the GUI Monero wallet, allow your wallet to sync by connecting to daemon and then click the receive button. You can then send your Monero to your wallet.

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    How does Blockchain technology work? – An infographic

    How does blockchain technology work?

    How does Blockchain technology work?

    Interested in Blockchain technology? You should be! Blockchain technology is the future and if you take a look at the Cryptocurrency space, investors are making unprecedented gains. This Blockchain infographic above explains how Blockchain Technology works.

    a blockchain infographic

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    Litecoin Price Prediction

    Litecoin price prediction

    We are seeing an increasing amount of global support for Cryptocurrencies, the Cryptocurrency market cap is at about 148 billion dollars as of right now and it seems to be steadily rising. Litecoin has a market cap of about 3 billion dollars as of right now and it seems to be increasing as well. Litecoin is definitely a great investment as SegWit makes the transactions extremely quick and it was one of the earlier Cryptocurrencies so it has a lot of supporters. Although Litecoin is a wise investment, how much of a return can you expect? It is hard to tell, but I’m going to make a speculative Litecoin price prediction.

    Although it’s impossible to make a precise prediction, it’s safe to say Cryptocurrencies as a whole aren’t going to stop rising anytime soon. At 148 billion dollars, the market has a ton of room for growth and it would be foolish not to invest at this point. In the near future, Litecoin will most likely pass $100 in the next 6 months. Litecoin has shot up to over $80 before and $100 is almost inevitable. With the increasing market cap, Litecoin is growing at a similar pace to other Cryptocurrencies.

    For the distant future, it’s almost impossible to make a prediction for the price of Litecoin. By 2020, all of the main Cryptocurrencies should be in the $XX,XXX’s, unless something terrible happens to one of the coins. Litecoin has always increased steadily so I would expect Litecoin to reach this price area as well.

    It is extremely difficult to make an accurate Litecoin price prediction, but the price in the future will absolutely dwarf the current price. Investing in any Cryptocurrency right now is a wise investment and Litecoin is no exception. With tons of room for growth, solid technology and a large base of supporters, Litecoin is definitely a safe and smart investment.

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    What is the best Ethereum wallet?

    What is the best ethereum wallet

    What is the best Ethereum wallet?

    After investing in Ethereum, it is wise to take your Ethereum off of the exchange and store it in a personal wallet. If you have your Ethereum stored in a personal wallet, you are not at risk of losing your Ethereum due the exchange being hacked.

    There are two types of Cryptocurrency wallets you can use. Digital wallets and Physical wallets. Digital wallets are free, but they are susceptible to being hacked or lost. Physical wallets are a safer choice as you have the physical wallet which is hard to lose, and if you have to use the physical wallet to acces your Ethereum so it’s near impossible to steal your Ethereum if you are using a physical wallet.

    Ledger Nano S

    Ledger Nano S

    The Ledger Nano S is great for several reasons. First off, you can use this wallet for more than just Ethereum. You can use this wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other Cryptocurrencies. This wallet is also extremely intuitive and easy to use. This wallet is my choice for the best Ethereum wallet. If you are a big investor in Cryptocurrencies, this wallet is a must. Click here to see more about the Ledger Nano S.

    Trezor Wallet

    best ethereum wallet

    Just like the Ledger Nano S, this is a physical wallet so it is much more secure than any digital wallet. You can also use this wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies. This wallet would be the runner up for the best Ethereum wallet. Click here to see more about this wallet.

    Exodus Digital wallet

    best ethereum wallet

    If you are interested in a digital wallet, the Exodus wallet is the way to go. Exodus is an intuitive, multi Cryptocurrency wallet.Exodus supports seven Cryptocurrencies, which of course includes Ethereum. Exodus is one of the best Ethereum wallets and it is extremely secure. Although not as secure as physical wallets, Exodus is free. Click here to see more about Exodus.

    MetaMask Digital wallet

    MetaMask is a wallet in the form of a browser plugin. This simple to use browser plugin allows you to store your Ethereum easily and access it quickly. Although it only allows you to store Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens, it is extremely intuitive and one of the best Ethereum wallets that isn’t physical. Click here to see more about MetaMask.

    If you are looking for the best security possible, a physical wallet is a must. But if you want to store your Cryptocurrency solely digitally, both Exodus and MetaMask are great choices for any Ethereum investor.

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