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Litecoin Price Prediction

Litecoin price prediction

We are seeing an increasing amount of global support for Cryptocurrencies, the Cryptocurrency market cap is at about 148 billion dollars as of right now and it seems to be steadily rising. Litecoin has a market cap of about 3 billion dollars as of right now and it seems to be increasing as well. Litecoin is definitely a great investment as SegWit makes the transactions extremely quick and it was one of the earlier Cryptocurrencies so it has a lot of supporters. Although Litecoin is a wise investment, how much of a return can you expect? It is hard to tell, but I’m going to make a speculative Litecoin price prediction.

Although it’s impossible to make a precise prediction, it’s safe to say Cryptocurrencies as a whole aren’t going to stop rising anytime soon. At 148 billion dollars, the market has a ton of room for growth and it would be foolish not to invest at this point. In the near future, Litecoin will most likely pass $100 in the next 6 months. Litecoin has shot up to over $80 before and $100 is almost inevitable. With the increasing market cap, Litecoin is growing at a similar pace to other Cryptocurrencies.

For the distant future, it’s almost impossible to make a prediction for the price of Litecoin. By 2020, all of the main Cryptocurrencies should be in the $XX,XXX’s, unless something terrible happens to one of the coins. Litecoin has always increased steadily so I would expect Litecoin to reach this price area as well.

It is extremely difficult to make an accurate Litecoin price prediction, but the price in the future will absolutely dwarf the current price. Investing in any Cryptocurrency right now is a wise investment and Litecoin is no exception. With tons of room for growth, solid technology and a large base of supporters, Litecoin is definitely a safe and smart investment.

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