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Big Banks want to end Bitcoin before it becomes too much of a threat

Big Banks want to see an end to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is starting to really scare Banks. Big Bankers are starting to talk smack, governments are cracking down on ICOs and fear is being spread.

Bitcoin has been built to resist control from banks. This is why it scares them so much. It should. Bitcoin is a huge advancement that could potential making banking obsolete. If you bankers don’t try to stomp out Bitcoin now, it’s just going to become more and more of a threat.

It’s not only banks that are afraid of Bitcoin, governments are too. A decentralized currency is near impossible to regulate and takes a lot of the power away from them. It’s harder to know where your money is going if it’s not necessarily associated with someone.

As Bitcoin succeeds more and more, both banks and big governments are losing a lot of income. They are losing the benefits of printing money and losing a lot of power to control wealth.

Although, it doesn’t have to be this way. Bitcoin will most likely just supplement traditional fiat as a side digital, global currency.

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