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Bitcoin fear, uncertainty, and doubt

Jamie Dimon is spreading fear throughout Cryptocurrency

What is FUD? FUD is jumping on the bandwagon. FUD is to kick something when it’s down. There is tons of fear being spread throughout the cryptocurrency space and the people who see through it are going to make a fortune.

Recently Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a ‘fraud’. Dimon calls Bitcoin a ‘fraud’ and a ‘scam’ with very little evidence to back it up. He says people who trade it are ‘stupid’. Not surprisingly, his comments carry very little weight.

There is a clear conflict of interest. Dimon is one of the top banking CEOs in the world and Bitcoin could potentially take a bite out of his profits. Bitcoin takes the middleman out of money and Dimon makes his fortune from being the middleman.

Is it really that surprising that Dimon is speaking out against Bitcoin?

Don’t fall for the schemes and FUD, listen to your logic. When everyone is fearful, it is the best time to buy. Dimon’s daughter even owns Bitcoin.

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