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Ethereum Price predictions for the future

Ethereum price predictions

Ethereum Price Predictions

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly increasing in price and Ethereum is the pinnacle of Blockchain technology. With Ethereum having smart contracts, extremely fast transaction times, and plenty of high quality ICO’s backing the currency, it seems like Ethereum should cost much more than it does. If Bitcoin is worth over four thousand dollars (and rising), and Ethereum has superior technology, shouldn’t Ethereum be worth much more? Not to mention, Ethereum doesn’t fork into two new currencies every few months due to disputes! *cough* Bitcoin *cough*. Although it can be hard to predict future prices of Cryptocurrencies, we are going to try to show you some price predictions of Ethereum.

At under three hundred dollars per ether, it seems like Ethereum is quite a steal for what the coin is offering. Although it is extremely difficult to predict what the future cost of Ethereum will be as we are in a very speculative market, it can be useful to take a look at the features of the coin, and the rising interest from the public towards the coin and try to make a prediction.

Let’s take a look at a few Ethereum price predictions from Reddit. These predictions are for the 1st of January 2018.

From ‘turbotyler786’:

“I remember couple months ago, predicting $100+ by YEAR END was declared ‘too optimistic’ by everyone. Yet, here we are..

Because of how fast this entire space is moving, I am calling $1100 by Jan 1.”

From ‘syn69’:

“1 BTC”

Although one Bitcoin per Ethereum by January of 2018 would be nice, I believe that is near impossible. At the currenct price of under three hundred dollars, Ethereum reaching Bitcoin’s price would set records within the Cryptocurrency space. Nothing has passed Bitcoin yet, and it is unlikely anything will pass Bitcoin anytime soon.

Although these Ethereum price predictions would be nice, I believe they are a little too optimistic. If we take a look at the price and the rate at which it is growing, I believe four to five hundred by 2018 is more realistic.

What about the distant future? What are my Ethereum price predictions for 2019, 2020 and beyond? Well it’s extremely hard to say what the price will be.By the end of 2019, I personally think Ethereum could reach one thousand dollars. I don’t think this over optimistic, if anything, I think it is conservative. At the rate Cryptocurrencies are growing in price, it seems like Ethereum should rise with the rest of them, especially considering Ethereum’s superior capabilities. After 2019, I believe the price will soar to several thousand.

If you are looking for a great investment opportunity, you have found it. Are my Ethereum price predictions realistic? I believe so. Ethereum has huge potential to drastically rise in price in the near future. Buying Ethereum could potentially be one of the best financial decisions of your life.

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