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How to start making money online in 2018!

When someone talks about making money online, many people tune them out instantly as they have been trained to associate digital marketing with scams. I am here to tell you, making money online is very possible. Not only is it possible, but you can make much more money with digital marketing in the long run than what you would make at a regular job. The amazing thing about making money online is that it is very easy to scale. If you are making $100 a day, it is not very hard to scale it to $200 a day. You just have to double what you are doing, and this can be done using advertising or different tools available on the web.

So how are we going to make money online? To make money online, we are going to do something called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s product, and then you get a cut of the money made at the sale. In this quick tutorial, I am going to break down how you can start making money now!

First, you are going to need a website. It’s extremely cheap to get started (Only around $4 for hosting!). I highly recommend Host Gator. Host Gator is extremely reliable and very well priced. Click here to check out Host Gator. Once you have bought your site, you are going to install WordPress using the cpanel. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. You only have to click a few buttons and then you are ready to go. Host Gator should tell you how to access your cpanel when you purchase your hosting.

After you have your site up and WordPress installed, you are going to need to find a product to sell. It should not be too hard as many, many big companies have affiliate programs. I highly recommend Amazon’s affiliate program, it is extremely easy to start getting sales as most people trust Amazon.

After you have a product, you need to create an article. You do this in a few different ways. You can create an informational article that happens to plug a product from amazon, or you can create an article to sell the product. Don’t say things that aren’t true or you will hurt your sites credibility. Remember, you are trying to create a business.

After you have created your article, you need to get traffic to your site. You can do this in many different ways. One of the best methods is using Social Media. Social Media is great because anyone can create a page and start growing followers. Pinterest and Instagram are likely the best Social Media platforms to use but other ones like Twitter and Facebook are great as well.

So how do you grow these pages? Engage, engage, engage. Go to other peoples posts and comment on them, like other peoples posts, follow other people, post on a regular basis. The great thing about growing these pages is that once you have a large page, you can monetize again and again. Having a large social page is almost equivalent to having a money tree in your backyard.

Don’t forget about search engines! Make sure to submit your site to Google webmaster. When you submit your site to this index, it allows you to show up on google. There are a ton of different ways to optimize for search engines, but I could create hundreds of different articles on that single topic so I am not going to get into it in this article. As time goes on, you will start to rank for more and more keywords organically in google.

Making money online takes a long time and a lot of work! Do not get into this if you want to make a quick buck. If you treat this like a real business and work hard, there is limitless potential. Anyone can become financially free from pursuing an online business, but it is not for the lazy.

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