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How to trade USD for Bitcoin and make a profit

Simply holding Bitcoin could make you a fortune

Buy low, Sell high. That is the only rule to make money when trading. There are two main ways to make money by trading USD for Bitcoin or vice versa. The easiest way is to buy bitcoin and hold it for a long time. This works as Bitcoin is on an upward trend and you simply make money by waiting for more money to poor into the market. This is extremely effective. The other way is swing trading. Swing trading is buying low selling high on a micro scale. I am not going to explain this method much as the best way to learn is by practice. I would advise trying swing trading with only a portion of your investment as you can make a lot of money, but it is challenging and can be easy to lose money.

To buy Bitcoin click here. You will be able to buy Bitcoin with fiat very easily. Once you have bitcoin all you need to do is hold it. If you hold bitcoin for a long time, you will make a profit as the price rises. I would advise holding for a long time. Some analysts are saying the value of Bitcoin could be in the xxx,xxx’s in just a few short years. Since the supply of Bitcoin is finite and the interest in Bitcoin is infinite, this is extremely possible.

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