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USB Bitcoin Miner

USB Bitcoin miner

What is the best USB Bitcoin Miner?

Cryptocurrency is blowing up and everyone wants in! One way to obtain some Bitcoin is to mine it. Miners verify Bitcoin transactions due to Blockchain technology and are rewarded in a small amount of Bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin mining hardware can be very expensive but getting a USB Bitcoin Miner is a great way to get into the mining scene at a low cost.

How profitable are USB Miners?

Although USB Bitcoin miners can be very cheap, they are not always very profitable. If you are interested in investing in a USB Miner for Bitcoin, you should definitely use a mining calculator to see how long it would take to get your investment back. Once you get to a mining calculator, just enter your hashing power, power consumption and how much energy costs in your area. Once you enter all of that information, it should tell you how much you will profit per day, week, month, and year. You can use this to see about how long it will take to make your money back.

Want to buy a Bitcoin USB Miner?

If you are interested in purchasing a USB Bitcoin miner, one of the best places is amazon. Amazon is obviously a great, reputable brand and they have a pretty wide selection of miners. They also carry a wide selection of other, more expensive mining hardware. Here are a few good choices for USB Bitcoin miners.

GekkoScience Asic Rev.2 Double chip 2-Pac Compac-2 USB Stick Bitcoin Miner

USB Bitcoin miner

This USB miner mines at a hash rate of 15gh/s. The power usage is only .32-.35 watts per gh. Click here to see more about this USB Bitcoin miner.

ASICMiner Block Erupter USB

USB Bitcoin Miner

This USB miner clocks in at a hashrate of 333MH/S. Click here to see more about this miner.

Not interested in either of these miners? Click here to see the rest of amazon’s selection. Although USB Bitcoin miners aren’t always the most profitable way to mine Bitcoin, they are a great way to get into the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency scene for a low entry point.

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